There are plenty of good reasons to take a holiday

If you’ve ever planned your wedding, you know the stress involved, and the need to decompress afterwards on your honeymoon. But there are many other reasons for a romantic getaway or family holiday that can enrich your relationships.

The Mini Honeymoon

If time off or finances prevent you from taking the big honeymoon you planned, take a mini post-wedding honeymoon. After all, you’ll still need to unwind and spend time relaxing together. What better way than to lounge on a private tropical beach or a rejuvenating rainforest retreat.

East Bedarra Island Retreat is the perfect mini honeymoon escape – a luxury beach bungalow for two near the waters edge on Bedarra Island on the Great Barrier Reef.

If a tropical rainforest, the soothing sound of water over rocks, a private swimming lagoon is what you crave, the Misty Mountains Nature Retreat is the perfect getaway for couples to distress and enjoy some romance.

The Procreation Vacation

Is it time in your life for the pitter-patter of little feet? Is the relentless tick tock of your biological clock putting tension on the need to conceive? Is the stress of your over-scheduled lives making it impossible to get in the mood?

The easiest intervention, according to many obstetricians, is a procreation vacation – a total escape. It gives couples a chance to unwind and find time for candlelit dinners and cuddles. Imagine lazing with your lover on a tropical beach, swimming in your private pool, and enjoying couples massages. A fertility plan doesn’t get any easier or more enjoyable than this!

So check your ovulation schedule and plan a trip to these romantic baby-making hotspots. For those who want to get away from it all, Bedarra Hideaway is your perfect romantic escape. Purpose built for two, this luxury hideaway is perched on a secluded tropical island with 360 degree views of the Great Barrier Reef and the surrounding islands, and with direct access to a powder white beach.

Imagine being cocooned within your own rainforest retreat with not another soul for miles, unless of course you request a massage for two. Misty Mountains Nature Retreat is so private and secluded that you have little else to do but enjoy each other in a natural paradise of cascading brooks, gardens, and a private swimming lagoon.

The Baby Moon

So, you’re about to have a baby. Congratulations! Life is about to get interesting. But along with the joy of a new baby comes a lot of work. It’s a good idea to snatch some chill time and romance before your bundle of joy arrives, so that you’re fully prepared and energised for what lies ahead.

The best time for a couples’ getaway is during the second trimester or the beginning of the third.

If romance on a secluded island is what you have in mind, Bedarra Island offers several retreats just for couples. East Bedarra Island Retreat on the water, and Bedarra Hideaway with 360 degree views of the Great Barrier Reef and islands, are perfect escapes for couples.

Misty Mountain Nature Retreat is a luxury bungalow for two tucked away in pristine tropical rainforest with your own massage hut and swimming lagoon. It’s a great base for exploring Tropical North Queensland or relaxing together in your private paradise.

The Family Honeymoon

When most people think of a honeymoon, they think of two people, not three, or four, or five! But remarriages are often a blending of families. If you don’t have someone to take the kids off your hands, there’s no need to forfeit your week on the beach. A honeymoon with kids is better than no honeymoon at all. In fact, a family honeymoon is a chance for you to bond and enjoy being together, away from the day-to-day schedule of home.

A perfect place to do this is at 31 Degrees, a family-friendly beach house on beautiful Oak Beach near Port Douglas. Built amongst the coconut trees on the beach, this luxury three bedroom home with a pool is the perfect place to wile away the days, and is a great base for families to enjoy everything the region has to offer, from wildlife sanctuaries to reef tours.

Bedarra 360 Degrees, with its 360 degree views of the Great Barrier Reef and surrounding islands, is another perfect family honeymoon destination. There are plenty of activities to keep the kids busy – catamarans, sailboards, paddle skis, snorkeling, swimming, nature trails, and more – as well as secluded beaches on which you and your loved one can relax together.


Is your marriage on the rocks? Divorce can be pricey, not to mention miserable. Try a save-cation instead. No, a save-cation is not about saving money (although it could certainly do that!) it’s about saving your marriage. Also known as the Hail Mary Honeymoon, the save-cation is a time for you to get away – just the two of you – and rediscover what made you fall in love in the first place.

A perfect save-cation destination is the East Bedarra Island Retreat. A luxury bungalow built for two on the water, it provides the perfect environment for candlelit dinners beneath the stars, nature walks, and lazing together in your private rock pool or the secluded beaches that surround you.

If you seek the healing qualities of a rainforest, the soothing sounds of a river, and a private tropical lagoon, Misty Mountain Nature Retreat for couples is the save-cation destination for you. It is also a great base for exploring the natural beauty and gourmet treasures of Tropical North Queensland.

Second Honeymoon

You don’t need to remarry to take a second honeymoon; or a third, fourth or fifth honeymoon for that matter. Some couples make it a priority to take a romantic vacation together every year. You can even reinforce your second honeymoon with a vow renewal or special anniversary celebration.

A perfect romantic retreat for your second honeymoon is Bedarra Island. East Bedarra Island Retreat luxury bungalow for couples is right on the water. The Bedarra Hideway is an architectural gem perched on the hillside with 360 degree views of the Great Barrier Reef and surrounding tropical islands, and direct access to the powder white sands of a secluded beach.


So you and your loved one decided to stay home for your vacation and find yourselves moping around the house with nothing to do, or tackling odious household chores. It’s never too late to change your mind and book a spontaneous trip to a tropical paradise where you can both relax on the beach without the nagging sense that you should be ticking things off your ‘to do’ list.

A great place to get away from it all is the Bedarra Beach Villa in Tropical North Queensland. Positioned near the waters edge on a private palm fringed beach, it’s the perfect romantic getaway from which to explore the island and reef, enjoy candlelit dinners beneath the stars, and relax to the gentle lap of waves on the sand.

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